Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Flying from Porland, OR to Denver on a Clear Winters Day
It was an unusually clear day on Sunday when we flew out of Portland, OR on our way back to Colorado. There were four peaks visible which we think (but are not certain) are: Hood, St. Helens, Rainier, and Adams.

Well, I'm not so sure about the sweet part of the title, as we were all pretty sad to leave the Pacific Northwest, but it is nice to be back in our own space after two weeks of travelling. We spent Christmas day and the week before with my whole family at my older sister's house near Portland. The day after Christmas we headed up to Washington where we rented a house in West Seattle for the week and got to visit with Pat's family in Tacoma and our friends in Seattle. There were of course a few bumps (we may or may not have brought some sort of 24 hour stomach bug with us to Portland), but overall it was a really great trip.

It's been kind of crazy since we got back with trying to get the house organized again (Christmas stuff is still up and it's driving me crazy!), a bunch of appointments on Monday, and then me having minor dental surgery yesterday. I now have a shiny new front tooth to replace the one I ran into a parking meter with when I was eight years old. I never thought I'd say this, but, please--no. more. ice cream.

Anyway, so for now here are a few very random iPhone photos. Will hopefully be getting to the others this week!

Smooches for Ila B.
Niamh & her new cousin Ila

Disgruntled Ila B.
Disgruntled Ila B.

Train Around the Tree at the Pittock Mansion
Christmas tree at the Pittock Mansion

Christmas at the Pittock Mansion
Another Christmas scene at the Pittock Mansion

Seattle Bound!
To Seattle!!!

Muriel at the Museum of Flight
Muriel at the Museum of Flight

Muriel and her new BFF, Jay
While in Seattle Muriel attached herself to our friend Jay

Headed into the Harry Potter Exhibit
Waiting to get into the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center


  1. I am so jealous! All my old stomping grounds. I miss those views. I would take Portland or Seattle despite the rains if my husband could work there, but no such luck. I hope you had a taste of Papa Haydens when in Portland. If not next time. I also recommend Swaggarts an Indian restaurant in Beaverton it is the best.

  2. Hope you settle back into your home routine smoothly, and that ice cream will taste good to you again soon:) Happy 2011!

  3. oh, I didn't mention, did I ever tell you that you take the best iphone photos:)?