Monday, January 24, 2011

Green Beans and Lettuce

January 2011

Muriel Serious

I'm pretty sure she's the sweetest two year old around--chapped lips, chapped cheeks, crusty nose, attitude, and all. Her language has really taken off the past couple months. I hear a lot of "What that for, Mama?" and "Why, Mama?" I really need to try and get her little voice recorded. Sometimes I wonder if she's really related to Rowan and Niamh. On Saturday the only thing she ate for dinner was green beans and pile after pile of plain shredded lettuce. Yum.


  1. Aren't third born always full of surprises?! Just when you think you've got it all figured out (well, "all" is an euphemism here), you get an amazing bundle of surprises.

  2. Her face is so expressive! And it sounds like her little voice is coming right along to match it! Great pictures!

  3. I know I keep thinking I need to tape my almost 4 year old before he looses his baby voice. I love how he says Guten Morgen as he comes down the stairs in the morning and Mommy. She is so cute.

  4. I think some people call these Dutch babies, but I always had dutch babies with apples. The original recipe for German pancakes did not have the sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon but I didn't like the strong taste of age so I added the three. I am curious about the history of this recipe because I have never seen them in Germany or Holland??? I might look it up later when I have more time. Oh, I will be in Colorado Springs on Thursday and Sunday and in Denver on Friday and Saturday. Hoping to hit the Art Museum and maybe some Indian food if my stomach will cooperate.