Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dinner Questions

Rowan, last night at dinner:

"Do they speak English in Hawaii?"

I had barely finished answering this question, when it was followed by:
"How does the Easter Bunny move...or walk?"

Then, a little later (after worrying a bit, for the one thousandth time, if the Easter Bunny comes to the United States):
"Do bats hibernate or do they come out every night?"

"Where is heaven?"
When I said that nobody knows he said
"Maybe the computer can tell us where heaven is."


  1. lol. really.
    they are pretty amazing, these little people we are in charge of shaping.

  2. je suis aussi dans la période " Pourquoi?" avec Alyssa!!
    je lui répond " pourquoi tu veux savoir? et cela marche bien!! elle ne pose plus de question pour un petit moment!!!

  3. so true, dana!

    good thinking, sandra! :)

  4. I so wish the computer could tell us that much :)

  5. Emily, that picture is amazing! How on earth did you take it?

  6. thanks sara! i wish i could tell you how super tricky i am, but actually, it is just the layout of our house. the ceiling is quite high and then the upstairs hallway has a bit of an open part or landing on which i can look down on the living room.