Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Photos

Parade Watching

Reporter-Herald Float

Balloon Going Up

Three Balloons

In the Air

On Saturday the kids got to attend their very first parade for the Corn Roast Festival. Rowan was initially pretty scared, being sure that there were going to be cannons. But there were of course no cannons, and even the marching bands turned out not to be too loud for him. I think the loads of candy that were thrown at the children probably helped too. Niamh's dance studio had a float in the parade, and Niamh was thrilled to see her teacher in it. After the parade we made a quick stop at the festival itself, but it was too hot for anybody to get much enjoyment out of it. We will have to try going in the morning or evening next year.

Then on Sunday morning we got up bright and early to watch the hot air balloons being launched. So beautiful! And much more pleasant than watching hot air balloons in the bitter cold!

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  1. Those hot air balloons are so pretty! Lucky you!