Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten in the US

Rowan's first day of Kindergarten was today. He was a little nervous, but I think he kept the nervousness mostly internal. He needed a photo of his family for his classroom, so we set the camera on a chair and used a remote to take this photo at the last minute. It's printed on computer paper and sandwiched between two pieces of contact paper. Not super great, but I hoped it was better than not going with a photo at all.

Family Photo

Rowan Before His First Day of Kindergarten
Then he was off to Kindergarten! Thankfully we can still walk to school, though it was so hot today Rowan was really wishing he didn't have to.

Rowan Coming Out of His First Day of Kindergarten
And here he is coming out at the end of the day. As with school in Morges, I really have no idea what he did. When I forced him to tell me two things he said "eat snack" and...can't even remember the other! Whatever it was, it was equally as informative. But he said the time went by very very fast, and he seems excited to go again tomorrow.


  1. We can't get Gwenyth to tell us about her day at kindergarten, either. She says the best part is recess. Dang, just like a kid.

  2. That's great news! That photo thing sounds like something I would do -- but my photo, like yours, would be a very good one, indeed!

    Hope day 2 is equally successful for Rowan.

  3. He has such a happy smile in that last picture! Whatever he did, it must've been fun! (Katherine starts kindergarten here soon and I'm nervous! She seems fine, but...what am I going to do without her?)

  4. So nice to read, Emily! Great to hear he is looking forward to "tomorrow" (I think I am late in commenting), I hope it went just as well if not better. What a great smile he has when he sees you! We start school on the 23rd. Alena is not too exctied, and will miss having Rowan in her class...but Sophia is looking forward to 3rd grade in a new school with new teachers and classmates. Hope our first days go as well as Rowan's! Miss you!!!

  5. He looks really happy! I am glad he had a good day!