Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fishing: Round Two

Fishing Daddys
On Saturday we went back to Trout Haven Ranch to try our hand at fishing again, this time with the Metcalfs. For the first two hours or so we were almost completely unsuccessful.

Gazillions Of Fish Who Want Nothing To Do With Worms
The fish (and there were a lot of them) swam past most of the worms without any interest.

Jen & Gwenyth Fishing

The Fish Kept Getting Away
But not always! They were really good at taking the worms off the hook and hardly having their mouth touch it at all. There were a couple of times when a fish was hooked and even out of the water, but still managed to wiggle away (see above photo). Using the worms John was the only one of us who caught a fish. We were just about to give up and go home with only one, when Jen saved the day and asked the guys inside the shop for help. Before that they had been very hands off. But when asked they not only gave us corn as bait instead of worms ("corn is like a steak dinner to the trout"), they also came out gave us pointers on actually catching the fish.

Finally Caught One!
I unfortunately have no photos of fish being caught, but we did walk away with nine between us, which made the children very happy.

Watching the New Guy Clean the Fish
One of the nicest parts about fishing the easy way is having someone else clean the fish.

Grilling the Trout

Evening Soccer "Game"

That evening we all convened back at our house for playing and a delicious, if bone-y, dinner of grilled trout. John did most of the cooking and he did a really great job. I think we all agreed that while the experience was worth it, the trout had entirely too many bones to make eating them very enjoyable, even if they were tasty.

There are a few more photos from our day up on Flickr.

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