Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Allergy Update

Niamh Sleeping

We finally got Niamh in to see an allergist. They did a skin test on her, and she had pretty strong reactions to egg white, egg yolk, whole egg, and peanut. Not too surprising, though I was hoping the peanut allergy had gone away. I don't think she's been exposed to peanuts since she was about a year old. He prescribed an epi-pen for her, just in case. But the good news is that the doctor said there's an 80% chance she will outgrow all of the allergies. Five, he thought, would be a likely age for the allergies to start fading away. So we'll be going back in about a year for more tests. And he thought it would be worth it to see if she can tolerate eggs in baked goods now. Hooray! I think today is a good cookie baking day!

Here is a National Geographic article on allergies, which I found very interesting.


  1. I am so sorry. How frustrating! My son is terriably allergic to cats and a little bit to dogs. I can't wait to read the article. I wonder what is causing so many allergies in children.

  2. I hope there was no reaction to the cookies with eggs in!

  3. That article is by far the most informative one I've ever read on the issue. When I started teaching 10 years ago, there were no kids with nut allergies in my school of 1200. This year I have three (all boys) in my school of 242 who all have severe enough cases that they carry Epi pens.

    Thanks for the link. Hope it passes for the little one.