Monday, February 28, 2011

Through The Back Gate

Through the Door-honey

Trucks in the Snow

Niamh Down the Hill

Sledding + Flare

Rowan wanted to drive his truck on the path behind the house, which led to the idea of trying our sled on the small slope between the path and the field. We bought this sled years ago in Switzerland and had sadly never used it until now. Turns out it is great fun! One of the many things we meant to get to during our time in Morges, but never did. Kicking ourselves now, as I knew we would, for not using our time there more wisely.

If you are wondering where was on Muriel this particular morning--she was inside with Daddy. When she sees Ro and Niamh excitedly getting ready to go outside on snowy days she thinks she wants to go too, but has always had enough of it after about ten minutes. Oh, yeah. That's why we never did much with the snow when we lived in Switzerland.


  1. so much fun! i LOVE the final picture. wow.

  2. Rebecca was comfortable in the snow this year for the first time - up until now, she'd just behave like a grumpy space girl on the wrong planet.

  3. I wish I had that fun waiting through my back gate...lucky kiddos! Looks like so much fun!