Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Niamh's Imagination

Niamh Coatless in the Snow

Yesterday Niamh was playing by the bookshelf with heart shaped crayons and a Hello Kitty face made of Perler Beads, and narrating a story between the two, when Rowan said "Mama, I sure like Neevie's imagination."

Niamh is a storyteller. Besides telling stories with her toys (or non-toys, as the case may be), she is also the one who will pick up a book and tell a story as she flips through the pages. Sometimes related to the actual story, sometimes not. I especially love it when she narrates her life in real time. Like the other morning when I asked her to go upstairs to get dressed. She cheerfully replied "Okay, Mama!" while walking up the stairs. And then in a slightly quieter voice "She said as she dashed away."


  1. Oh, my daughter used to do just this! (And she has grown up to be a wonderful writer...)

  2. Lucky little girl to have such an active imagination. i love that she is wearing a skirt like that in the snow, btw. Makes me think of some stories that we may hear in Italy for such a crime. Ha.


  3. yes, it's the same in switzerland, dana! when we first moved there one of the first things i remember noticing was how incredibly bundled all the children and babies were!!!

    despite all the snow, it actually was pretty warm that morning. by lunchtime the path behind our house was a river of melted snow! the weather here is nuts.

  4. So darling. My littlest seems to have a very active imagination. I love it. He seems to be able to entertain himself the best of all my children.

  5. How sweet! My girls do the same thing and it delights me every single time. Actually, these everyday bits of narration have turned me into a skillful eavesdropper over the years; I don't want to miss a word!

    Can't wait to hear more from Niamh in the months to come!

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