Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finishing Her Lunch at Snack Time is Tough

Muriel + Sandwich

Muriel + Sandwich III

Murile + Sandwich II

These are the looks Muriel gives me when she doesn't eat her entire meal at lunch and I make her finish it in the afternoon before she can have the super gross special snack Rowan somehow talked me into buying at the supermarket.

On a different note, in these pictures Muriel is sporting her very favorite "moon" shirt. When she started asking for her moon shirt every day a month or so ago, I told her over and over that she didn't have a moon shirt. It took me quite a while to figure out what she was talking about.


  1. Emily,
    The final face is simply priceless. I wonder if it ever works on you! Ha. . . I might cave with a look like that.

  2. How funny! I usually give up with Roman eating because he eats so little and is underweight that most times I am happy just to get something in him.

  3. OMG, those pics are priceless!!! Love her full moon shirt, too!

  4. Of course it's a moon shirt....such a smarty! That last picture is classic!

  5. thanks everyone! oh yes, her pathetic faces definitely do work on me sometimes. though not this time--she never did end up finishing that sandwich, and we had to save her snack for the next day.