Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wintery Math

fence + snow haze




(square) snow ice cream
snow ice cream!

It snowed Thursday night and almost all day on Friday, giving us the opportunity to make snow ice cream. There are a gazillion recipes out there on the internet, and they are all basically the same. I used two different methods, one with cream (minus the vanilla pudding mix) and one with chilled sweetened condensed milk. I thought the ice cream with the condensed milk would be better, but neither the kids or I could taste a difference. Maybe a side by side test is in order for the next time it snows. One thing I found helpful, which neither website mentions, is to make sure the individual bowls for the ice cream have been chilled for a bit in the freezer before serving. This ice cream melts fast and the chilled bowls help slow it down a bit.

One of my clearest memories of the Thanksgivings spent at my Great-Grandmother's house in Eastern Washington as a child is making snow ice cream with my sisters and cousins. It was fun to do again!


  1. Love it Em!! Making ice Cream at Grandma Buck's was so fun, but yours looks way better then the goopy brown mess I remember we created!!

  2. Wow, how come I don't remember that? Looks like you had fun though!

  3. ha-that's funny that all of us have different memories of it. i don't remember particularly how it looked or tasted, just that it was fun!!!

  4. It's nice how childhood memories often involve grandparents and/or making food or other things. Personally, I can't wait for warmer whether so that we can make some gelato :)

  5. Fun! Growing up we used to just go out back with said bowl, bring it in and pour maple syrup on the voila, grab a spoon and enjoy! ;-) PS. Just saw the goldfish recipe - looking forward to having more time at home to try out some of your amazing recipes on here!!!