Monday, November 22, 2010

Train Party!!!

go trains go!

birthday boy + party hat

train cake decorating

candles on the cake

Rowan turns six tomorrow (!!!), and had his birthday party yesterday. Including our own children there ended up being thirteen kids at the party, which was quite chaotic. At least, that's how it felt to me. Ro had a great time, and it seemed like the other children did too, so I suppose we can call it a success. The kids played with Pat's electric trains (a huge hit), decorated train cakes, played games, and ran around like crazy.

A special thanks to our friend John, who took all of the above photos. In all the madness I took none, so I'm very glad John volunteered to be our party photographer!

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  1. Great pictures, John! It looks like a fun party...and Happy Birthday, Rowan! Six years old? Hooray!