Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Sixth Birthday Interview With Rowan

I've come across several bloggers that have a tradition of doing birthday interviews with their children. I'm hoping this is something I can maintain year to year with each of our own children, as it's such a great idea!

A couple of notes: Rowan's alleegah is his bunny (pictured in the post below), the Shinkansen song he talks about is Bullet Train by Choo Choo Soul, and the airplane book he talks about is DK Big Book of Airplanes by Caroline Bingham. We did a practice interview a few hours before this one was recorded and many of his answers changed in that short amount of time.


  1. So cool. I'll be trying to do this as well. I'll have to write the answers out as well bc I'm sure I'll lose the video. I know what you mean about the answers to those questions changing; my daughter is quite the same.
    Happy Birthday, Rowan!
    Love those teeth!

  2. jonah and i just watched this for the first time this morning and jonah watched it about 5 times in a row.
    aside from getting a little interrogation-like about the point at which he says his lip is bleeding ;) it's a super cute video. especially the parts about his dad's bday and the snowman!