Monday, November 15, 2010

Muriel & The Big Red Thomas Book

Muriel & Thomas Book

Muriel & The Big Red Thomas Book Cropped


  1. Hi Emily,
    I really like these two photos. Did you use actions? Looks like it :) I waste so much time fiddling with actions -- changing the opacity, combining them, tweeking and fooling around. Then I'll get a photo just the way I like it, only to revisit it a few months later and then hate it! ugghhhh....
    I hope you post the 70's Christmas card.

  2. So so sweet! I am a sucker for baby/kid toes. If I were you, I'd frame these shots...then again, I am horrible about ever actually printing and framing any of my shots.

  3. thanks, all!

    yep, i used actions! :) these ones are from Nichole V Photography. yes, i am the same way with the tweaking. in fact, i've decided that i hate the christmas card photos!!! if only they weren't printed already.....