Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, 11.12.10

fence in the AM
misty sunrise

egg-free pancakes
egg-free chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast

Sick Rowan
sick boy

Muriel on the Potty
potty practice (I think Niamh was as excited about this as Muriel)

colored pencil + train engine
preparing for Rowan's birthday party next week

Muriel Wearing Ro's Dino Hat & Backpack copy
trying on her big brother's hat & backpack

niamh & muriel snow melting backyard
playing in the melting snow

niamh with a pile of snow
Niamh loves the snow

Muriel & the Blue Tonka Pickup Truck
poor mitten-less Muriel


  1. Can't wait to see the trains. . . hope he is feeling better soon.


  2. Pancakes yummy! Sorry you have a sicky! Wow, snow all ready? Did you mean 10/22 ?