Friday, December 10, 2010

Rowan's Holiday School Program-2010

Little Star Song

A few weeks ago Rowan's school had their holiday program. He was a little nervous beforehand, but did really great. I found it interesting that the school did not have a Halloween party since not everyone celebrates Halloween, but that they did sing some religious songs for the holiday program. Maybe they figure that since there was a Hanukkah song in with all the others it was okay?

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  1. that IS very interesting! i'm also wondering what they'll sing in jonah's sing-a-long next Thursday because i know they've been singing the dreidel song as well and jingle bells and possibly we wish you a merry xmas.
    i find it interesting every year when our holiday selections come out for band too. we always play a selection or compilation of the traditional stuff and sleigh ride and usually something jewish though not necessarily a hannukah song (which is interesting. playing something about passover during the holidays is weird..) and then some other stuff that has nothing to do with the holidays. this year our theme is "joy" and we are playing a song developed for the rosa parks anniversary. ok i've totally co-opted your post. anyway. the holidays are always interesting when people try to keep a christian and non-christian balance.