Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Morning in San Francisco

The morning before Thanksgiving we spent a little bit of time in San Francisco. Not too long, because we were worried about afternoon traffic getting out of town, and we were also all a little grumpy from not going to bed until (at least) midnight the night before. We made a quick-ish stop at the Ferry Building where we got donuts (egg free!), chocolate, bread, and cheese. After that we went to the Golden Gate Bridge for a quick walk before heading to Santa Rosa.

Bay Bridge GBW
the bay bridge

checking out the bay CV
Ro outside the Ferry Building

The Embarcadero CV

Niamh With Donut & Attitude CV
Niamh's first donut ever! Complete with four-year-old attitude.

Muriel + Donut + Carseat

R @ GG Bridge CV

Niamh @ GG Bridge CV

Muriel @ GG Bridge CV
I wanted a picture of all three kids together in front of The Bridge, but that wasn't in the cards.

GG Bridge w- Sunflare CV


  1. Nice. FUnny how they ultimately decide "what's in the cards" on some things, while in others they have no input. The same is true in my house.

  2. Nice! San Francisco on a sunny day can't be beat. The first donut pix remind me of Zachary at that age. He had never had one before (poor deprived first child and our good nutritional habits! This was a kid who didn't realize for years that that nice truck driving around our neighborhood playing music actually sold ice cream, too), so one day we were in a bakery and he knew he wanted one of those things but didn't know what they were called, so he thought about it and said, "I want a bagel cookie."

  3. Glad you were able to find egg free donuts. I know how you feel wrangeling children for photos can be a task in and of itself. Happy Holidays!

  4. Yes, that is so true, Dana!

    That's so sweet, Jim. I love when kids come up with things like that! And true about the the first child and nutritional habits. Muriel eats things at two years old that I never would have let Rowan, or even Niamh, have.

    Kelleyn, yes, getting kids together for posed shots is such a challenge. Which is why I try not to do it often!