Thursday, July 22, 2010

We've made it!

This trip from Morges to Loveland was one of the most painless flights we've had with the children. I'm not sure I can say exactly why, but for some reason it all went pretty smoothly.

Rowan mostly watched movies the entire way from Geneva to D.C.

Niamh colored, played with stickers, or some new toys she got for the plane. And Muriel did a little of what Niamh did, and also...

took a nap for about an hour. We hit the only snag in the journey when we got to D.C. and found out our flight had been canceled, and Rowan then completely melted down. We were able to get on a new flight a couple of hours later, but Rowan's meltdown lasted until about forty minutes before the flight, when he finally crashed on the floor of the airport. He basically slept until we got into Denver.

Niamh and Muriel played for a bit, but then they also fell asleep. And they too slept until Denver. We got to our hotel around 10pm, found out it was too late to even have fast food for dinner, so we just ate whatever snacks we had leftover from the flight. We took the kids down to the pool for a little bit before it closed, and they got to bed at about 12:30.

The next day we got into our new house bright and early, and the rental furniture arrived a few hours later.

This photo of Muriel asleep during dinner pretty much sums up how tired everyone was by the end of that first day in Colorado.

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