Friday, July 23, 2010

Settling In

Having been in Colorado for almost three weeks, things are finally starting to feel somewhat normal. Niamh and Muriel got over the jet-lag within a few days, but it took Pat, Rowan, and I much longer. Seems like there was 5-7 days of 1am-3am risings.

The children are mostly thrilled with all the new food, but they won't eat some things, like the yogurt. They thought that the housing development across the field from our house was a different village. They are not fond of driving everywhere. For the first two weeks, they asked almost every time we went anywhere if we were walking or driving, not understanding that we really can't walk anywhere. Niamh once begged to ride her scooter somewhere that it would take twenty minutes to drive to. When I explained that we needed to drive because it was too far away, she told me she could just ride her scooter really fast next to the car. She wasn't even deterred when I told her I thought her legs would get tired. "When one leg gets tired, I'll switch to the other leg!"

They really love having a yard. The only plant in the backyard is one lonely sunflower in a corner, and it is dutifully watered every day. Perhaps we need to make a trip to a garden store for some other plants for children to water.

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